Snapchat star James Kavanagh opens up about getting hacked online

7th Mar 17 | Xpose Magazine

Our first XPOSÉ Mag guest editor, the incomparable James Kavanagh, built his current career (co-founder of Currabinny and social media superstar) through posting hilarious, relatable and completely one-of-a-kind content to Snapchat. 

Like so many of us, he had an easy-to-hack password. His Snapchat empire was pulled out from under him in what, he says, was “the blink of an eye.”

“I got hacked while I was in the back of a taxi. I started to get emails from my social platforms asking me to confirm if I wanted to change my password. In my head I was like “eh, no, I don’t”. Someone had logged themselves into my accounts and to ensure I wouldn’t get back in, they were changing all the passwords. They dissolved my Snapchat completely–I lost thousands of followers in the blink of an eye.”

Our idea of hell, right? But who would do such a thing and why? James says: “Probably a bored computer nerd who likes to cause digital havoc. That’s what I’ve been told; there are people out there who do stuff like this just for kicks.”

For those among us who use their phones and computers on the very surface level to keep in contact with our social community and make our lives easier, the thought of hacking someone’s anything seems too difficult to comprehend. But there are people out there who can and will hack a profile just for fun. So how did James recover, and what has he changed?

“I have been talking to my tech peeps and they said you really need to be changing your passwords monthly. Yes, that sounds outrageous, but hacking is at an all time high, so it’s necessary, especially for anyone who considers social media their bread and butter. Also, I downloaded Dashlane for free for my laptop and phone. It’s a fab password manager that works from a master password. Give it a whirl.”

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