You can now buy Kate Middle-toe SOCKS

7th Mar 17 | Entertainment News

The internet is getting weirder by the day...

Designed by illustrator Sam Green for clothing company Chatty Feet, the brand promises the Duchess of Cambridge inspired fashion for your tootsies will "make you feel like royalty".

A statement by the brand reads:

"If you love afternoon tea and wandering around museums Kate Middle-Toe from the royal family is your ideal champagne-sipping companion. She'll make you feel like royalty while helping to keep your feet on the ground. 

"Kate was featured in Grazia France and instagrammed by British Vogue but really she's just the girl-next-door; she just wants to roam galleries and exhibitions in search of beautiful and interesting objects, making new friends wherever she goes. Pick up these funny socks as a cool gift for the princess in your life today."

These are just gas!