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23rd Jan 17 | Parenting

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me has had a happy, positive January so far. Mainly thanks to something she does for just 5 minutes a day…

I hope January has been kind to you all.

So far, so good, for all of us here thankfully.

We started the year off taking a few days break in Westport with my sister and her family.

This consisted of taking walks in the misty Mayo rain, eating, sleeping, playing charades, playing pool (the house we rented was pretty well equipped!), eating some more and catching up properly after all our kiddies went to bed.

The Red Door  was just a few minutes drive from Westport Town but nestled on a quiet road giving that ‘in the middle of nowhere’ feeling.

Out the back garden were five or six horses and a little donkey that my nieces had a real soft spot for!

The kids loved having horses and (the neighbours) dogs so close, they were in their element (as was I!)


When it was time to leave there were tears from my nieces and promises made to Tracy, the owner, that we would be back in the future.

It was a lovely break and just what we all needed after a busy Christmas.

 It was back to work and back into the routine of getting Ayla to the childminder the day after we got home. We’re pretty lucky that Ayla adapts well to whatever’s happening and she went off to our childminder without a glitch.

 Both Steve & Myself had lots of time with her over the Christmas break and the difference in her is fantastic to see. She’s just turned one and a half but really seems more than that sometimes!

We’re now within striking distance of February and I’m aware of how quick my 2nd pregnancy is going. Steve has said on a number of occasions ‘I actually forget you are pregnant sometimes’. That will change when this belly of mine really makes its appearance no doubt!

 Making the most of our one-to-one time with Ayla before her little brother or sister makes an appearance is really important to us and Steve is loving his morning cuddles with her after I’ve left early for work.

Just recently she got into the bed around 6am and held his face, covered it in kisses, simply said ‘Hiya Dada’ and went back to sleep on his chest. He said he nearly cried! That’s what little girls do to their daddies though isn’t it?!    

 On this pregnancy I am definitely ‘showing’ earlier so work clothes have become a bit on the tight side recently. I have some clothes stored away from my last pregnancy but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I struggle to find good maternity clothes in the shops? I know there is a better selection online, but I am the type of person that needs to try clothes on!

 What I have found is H&M’s range of stretchy skinny jeans. I LOVE them. They have them in a few different colours and they look nice, feel super comfy and have a lovely stretchy piece in them that goes right up over the belly. They will be getting worn to death!

 It’s also really hard to get maternity sportswear! I ended up buying sports leggings a few sizes too big when I was pregnant on Ayla. Not the most flattering at all really! (If anyone has any recommendations for maternity sports gear, please comment or get in touch- I’d be delighted to hear from you!)


I couldn’t take many supplements in the early weeks of pregnancy, as I was feeling so queasy. I bought 2 or 3 different types of multivitamin tablet but they all made me sick.

As soon as the nausea passed I got ordered this Omega 3 / Vit D combo & and Folate from Nourish.  

Once the nausea completely passed, I ordered these NHP Multivitamins.  

I have ordered lots of products from Nourish (an Irish owned shop) and I really like how they do things.

From their packaging, to their customer service and prompt delivery times, I’ve yet to be disappointed.   


I think Instagram is a great app for inspiration; when you ignore all the fluff (generous term!) that’s put up.

I wanted to get back to writing a regular mindful/ reflective journal and a friend of mine put up a picture on her IG account of ‘The 5-Minute Journal’  

What I love about this journal was the promise of it requiring just 5 minutes! A few minutes in the morning and a few minutes spent reflecting in the evening before bed.

Time, or lack of it, seems to be the biggest stumbling block when people are trying to make improvements in their everyday life, and more importantly stick to them

I liked the structure of the journal. It’s repetitive, so you become familiar pretty quickly with the layout, which I guess, starts to rewire your brain (& neural pathways) to begin thinking in this way on a regular basis- Hello positive thinking!


A few week on, what I’ve noticed most from my journal is that I am grateful for the little things like a hot shower while Ayla naps (I LOVE my showers), a good & productive day in work, a lovely yoga or baby massage class with my clients, a nice nutritious meal and time well spent with Steve and Ayla- things like that.

For me, these little things become the big things, as these are what occur most often in my day or week. It’s really nice to start to realize more and more the value of all of these things, where before, I may have taken some of them for granted.

Bigger goals and motivations are also catered for in this journal. Writing daily spurs me on to think big, think positive and most of all to stop & smell the roses and be grateful. 


So, that’s it until next time!

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Until then, happy parenting!

Kathy x



Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health & fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing Pre & Postnatal classes & workshops & Doula services in Malahide, Co. Dublin and LOVES working with mums, dads & babies. She is the proud mummy to a beautiful little girl, Ayla, and is expecting Baby No.2 this summer.