It was Face Lifts and Frights on this week’s ‘Gogglebox Ireland’

3rd Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Face lifts and frights were the topics of discussion on this week’s ‘Gogglebox Ireland’.

Face lifts and frights were the topics of discussion on this week’s ‘Gogglebox Ireland’. In the week when 16,831 runners completed the Dublin Marathon, we watched loads of great telly.
BBC One spun us right round - baby right round - on Strictly Come Dancing, Ireland’s Fittest Families took on the messy Mud Mile on RTE One and TCM scared the ‘bajaysus’ out of us with ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.
On Thursday, the Halloween theme continued on RTE One with Maura and Dáithí But it was Dáithí Ó Sé who commanded the most attention from our outspoken Gogglebox Ireland households. 
In Castleknock, Angela thought Dáithí looked different but just couldn’t put her finger on why: “He’s lovely skin hasn’t he? Did he have a face lift or something? He looks very… firm. Very firm.”
On Saturday night, everyone was in the mood for dancing as BBC One brought us a live Strictly Come Dancing Halloween spooktacular. Series favourite Danny Mac was dancing to a song we recognised and was a big hit with John.   
Things turned a little bit hair-raising with Channel 4’s ‘How to Build a Human’, which explored cutting edge technology and created a silicone duplicate of Gemma Chan, the star of ‘Humans’. When Gemma the human met Gemma the robot our families were left more than a little creeped out!
On Tuesday night, we met a lively octogenarian escort called Sheila with no thoughts of retirement on 3e. The Tully twins were very understanding when it came to her work with Fergal saying: “some fellas like that, the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.”
There were plenty of jumps on Sunday night, as TCM got us in a Halloween mood with a spooky horror classic ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.’
Although at times the unrealistic elements of the classic movie had the households more howling with laughter than horror, it still managed to frighten them out of their skin and even Limerick man Alex Ryan concluded “nothing beats an old horror movie.”
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