15 Things You Didn?t Know About Gogglebox Ireland

2nd Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Thought you knew everything about Gogglebox Ireland? Well think again...

1) Since the success of the Channel 4 series, there have been local versions of the show made in over 30 countries – they include Australia, Canada, China, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Israel, Germany, Finland, Norway, Belgium and France.

2) Paul and Paul from Youghal were found after a shout out in the Farmers Journal.

3) Our series features more pets than in any other country – we’ve seen 9 dogs (Minnie, Max, Bonnie, Harley, Axel, Ozzie, Fudge, Kenny, Buddy) but just one cat, Tracie’s counter-loving but much-loved Bibby.

4) Fergal and Neal, the Tully Twins were approached at the Virginia Show in Cavan.

5) Hundreds of people applied to be on Gogglebox Ireland but Series Producer Simon Proctor says ‘Most of our households were found by our brilliant Casting team who travelled to all parts of the country visiting shops, pubs, groups, events and clubs.  And a lot of them had to be persuaded to do it and let cameras into their homes.’

6) Friends Martin and Rory were found at a Bridge Convention.

7) Angela and Eileen were found at their Le Cheile Retirement club in Castleknock.

8) The USA has its own version of Gogglebox – it’s called ‘The People’s Couch’ and broadcasts on Bravo.  In Slovenia, the series is called God, Please Don’t Let the TV Die, the name of a popular song in Slovenia.

9) The Gruffertys in Kildare applied after hearing a radio callout.

10)The Ryans from Limerick were street cast at an antique fair in Birr.

11) Eileen’ Michael T Higgins has featured in all episodes bar one when he was on official state business.

12) On average there are over 90 cups of tea and 7 packets of ginger nuts consumed per episode (plus the occasional wine and beer).

13) Tracie and Anita were approached by Gogglebox producers to be on the show.

14) The Gogglebox format means that only programmes broadcast in the previous 7 days can feature in each episode.

15) The series theme tune, ‘’Perfect World’’, is performed by our very own Irish rock band Kodaline.  Other artists featured have included Divine Comedy, Imelda May, Derek Ryan, U2 and The Cranberries.


Gogglebox Ireland narrated by Deirdre O’Kane and Rory Cowan continues every Thursday on TV3 at 9.30pm with a repeat on Saturday nights after The Xtra Factor.