Remember Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan? You won't believe what he's up to now

19th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Art Attack first aired 26 years ago....WHAT?!

The former kids TV presenter was a staple feature of 90's kid's - no one else could show you how to make a rocket ship out of a cereal box like Neil could. 

Now aged 54, he is keeping busy by rocking out with his heavy metal band, Marseille - yep, SERIOUSLY!

The TV star originally formed the same band back in 1976 but they split in the 80's when Neil decided ti pursue a career on the small scree. When Art Attack came to an end in 2007, the group decided to give it another go. Believe it or not the band are actually very popular and have released several albums and singles and supported the likes of Judas Priest, Nazareth, Whitesnake and UFO on tour - who knew?!

Here's a recent snap Neil doing what he loves best.

Good for you Neil - but we miss you!