Elaine Crowley shows off INCREDIBLE weight loss results on IFTA's red carpet

8th Oct 16 | News

Elaine stole the show at last night's IFTA's!

Midday presenter Elaine Crowley looked absolutely stunning last night as she made her first red carpet appearance since shedding an incredible 1st 8lbs on Operation Transformation.

The massive weight loss came as a complete shock to Elaine as she struggled to complete the exercise regime set out to her due to on-going back troubles.

Despite her back pain, the presenter proudly completed a 5k run for Cancer and got stuck into cooking three healthy meals a day.

The coaches were more than impressed with her efforts with Karl Henry commenting:“Elaine, that’s probably the most reserved reaction to any huge weight-loss we’ve ever had on operation transformation.”

Like many others trying to lose weight, Elaine admitted she had concerns about keeping the weight off: “I’ve said it before it’s not about the scales for me. The problem for me is keeping it off and a lifestyle change. It’s about change in the long-term.”

“If I lose three pounds next week – yay! If I lose a stone next week – yay! If I lose nothing next week – yay! as long as I can eat my three meals a day and get my exercise in everyday it’ll come off eventually.”