Kerry Katona reveals all in this week?s ?Living with Lucy?

3rd Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Kerry Katona reveals the adorable way Brian McFadden proposed in this week's Living with Lucy.

In this week’s second episode of Living with Lucy, Atomic Kitten Star and Loose Women panellist Kerry Katona invites Lucy into her home just outside London, to spend a weekend planning for an Irish gig.

Kerry is no stranger to the limelight but in this week’s Living with Lucy we get to know the real Kerry. From opening up about her depression, to speaking about her bankruptcy, marriage breakdowns and living with fame from the age of sixteen, Lucy has some straight forward chats with Kerry as they cook, shop and head out on the town together.

But there’s one question Lucy is dying to ask Kerry, how did Brian McFadden propose?

Reminiscing the romantic memory, Kerry said: “Brian asked me to marry him three weeks after we met; it was dead romantic, how he asked me to marry him. He invited me over to Ireland to meet his family, we flew over, and I went to meet his mom and his dad. And after we finally got to the house we were staying in and I thought thank god for that, I’ve just come from Japan.

“He said ‘come on I want to take you somewhere else, I’ve got one more trip’, and we pulled up to this castle, Doe Castle in Donegal, and he said ‘do you know why I’ve brought you here, this is where my granddad proposed to my nan and they were married all their lives’. And he got down on his knee and he opened a box and there was a ring, just a round ring and it was white and gold with five diamonds in it, he asked me to marry him and I just said yes.”

Living with Lucy is a brand new six-part-series which sees Lucy travel to her guests homes and become part of the gang as she sleeps in the spare room, eats their meals, helps with the shopping and joins them on family outings.

Following a stay at Kerry Katona’s house, Lucy will move in with award-winning comic, Al Porter and his family in his home in Tallaght. Among the mayhem there'll be a sneak peek backstage at one of his big stand-up comedy shows in Vicar Street as Al prepares for a national tour.

‘Living with Lucy: Kerry Katona’ airs tomorrow (Tues 4th October) at 9.30pm on TV3 with catch up on 3player