Ryan Gosling is a real family man

15th Jul 16 | Xpose Magazine

XPOSÉ Magazine gets an up close and personal word with heartthrob Ryan Gosling, thanks to Lisa Cannon on the red carpet for The Nice Guys

Team XPOSÉ first fell in love with Ryan as Noah in The Notebook way back in 2004 and we’ve been falling ever since. Along with the hordes of mere mortals screaming at him from the fringes of the red carpet (not our finest moment, we’ll admit) celebrities can’t seem to keep their hands off him either. Quite the charmer, Ryan dated his Murder by Numbers co-star Sandra Bullock, his co-star from The Notebook Rachel McAdams and has now settled down with his The Place Beyond the Pines co-star Eva Mendes. And we can’t even get Phil from accounting to stay and chat at the Nespresso machine…

In a recent interview Ryan told Metro that he is painfully aware of his status as a sex symbol: “I'm as uncomfortable with the whole thing as I could possibly be. It's some kind of cosmic joke. I think a lot of it has to do with the label that attaches itself to you from films. I think anyone who was in The Notebook would be receiving similar comments. It's just the nature of it.” We’re not too sure about that Ryan, there’s only one Noah in our eyes.

Ryan told XPOSÉ that working with Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys was something that he’d always wanted to do. He told us, “I’m a huge fan of Russell’s as well so it was a real treat.” The feeling is clearly mutual as Russell told RTÉ Ten, “That kid just makes me laugh. He's some kind of comedic genius. We had a very open collaboration. It was great in that regard with Shane [director and screenwriter] too because he just trusted us to stay in the spirit of what he intended. He was totally open to other things that we might discover.”

Ryan and Eva are a notoriously private pair but they seem stronger than ever since the birth of their second daughter and rumours are swirling that the couple recently got married in a secret ceremony in their front room. Speaking about the male to female ratio in his house Ryan told Good Morning America, “It's heaven. It's like walking through a field of flowers every day. I live with angels.” Could he be any more adorable?

Apparently so. Here at XPOSÉ Magazine we’re instantly enamored with any celebrity that shows their love of Ireland so when XPOSÉ presenter Lisa Cannon stopped Ryan on the red carpet at the premiere of The Nice Guys and he went gaga for her accent, we swooned. Ever the charmer, Ryan told Lisa that he has worn his green suit specifically to show his Irish pride. We’re pretty sure that’s not true but let’s just go with it… He also confided in her that he thinks Saoirse Ronan was robbed of her Oscar. Echoing the sentiment of almost every Irish person ever he told Lisa, “She did [win], in our hearts.” That’s the spirit Ryan! The actor was particularly enamored with Lisa’s accent. Picking up on the way Lisa says fun he said, “It’s fun the way you say fun, fun, I want to say it like that.” Cue the entire office ambushing Lisa Cannon on lessons in saying fun in case we ever bump into him in future…


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