Here's how Red Rock filmed last night's SHOCKING explosion scene

7th Mar 17 | Behind the Scenes

Stephen Cromwell, who plays Keith Kiely in the TV3 soap, put on a brave face in this behind-the-scenes look at Red Rock's dramatic explosion. 

The past few months have seen Red Rock's Keith Kiely, played by actor Stephen Cromwell, falling down an increasingly dark and dangerous path.

And in shocking scenes aired on Monday night's [06.03.2017] show Keith decided to go all out and introduce himself to the Ridge’s most notorious gangster - Laser Byrne - who has just the job for hiim. 

So how did it all go down on set - and just how nervous was Stephen ahead of being blown up?!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video from Harbour Haulage where the explosion went down - and watch out for spoilers, just in case you're not caught up. 

Speaking ahead of the stunt, Stephen said: "I’m excited and a little bit afraid.

"They’ve scheduled this on my last day [before taking a break from filming] so if anything does go wrong I can heal by October.

"I’ve done some stunt stuff, but I’ve never been so close to an explosion."

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