Yeezy Crocs: Kanye West’s most ridiculous fashion trends that have actually caught on

14th Sep 19 | Beauty

From ugly trainers to bike shorts, West’s sartorial power is boundless.

MTV Video Music Awards 2016 – Arrivals – New York

Kanye West is never far from controversy, but we don’t want to dwell on some of his more contentious political beliefs. Instead, let’s focus on something just as divisive: His fashion.

West has often claimed he’s been shunned by the world of high fashion, but you can’t deny his influence on the industry. He has his own fashion line, Yeezy, and has been making hugely popular shoes in collaboration with Adidas since 2015.

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Yeezy Season 4

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And while it’s easy to laugh at some of his outrageous tweets, and the rants he goes on, West’s a fashion behemoth, largely thanks to his influential trainers and the help of wife Kim Kardashian West, who has 147 million followers on Instagram.

A lot of West’s creations have initially been met with ridicule, but this doesn’t tend to last very long.

And this could very well be true for the latest Yeezy shoe: A foam trainer people on social media are already saying look like really expensive Crocs…

Could these seemingly ugly shoes become the next big thing? Quite possibly, especially considering how many other seemingly silly trends West has popularised…

Ugly trainers

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Mud Rat 500’s

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Trainers have usurped high heels on both the runway and the streets. But it’s not your normal plimsoll everyone’s wearing; rather, something chunkier and more orthopoedic-looking.

So-called ‘ugly trainers’ are what’s in, and the bigger the better. The trend owes a huge debt to Yeezy, which was one of the first brands to start making chunky ‘dad shoes’.

People queuing along Oxford Street, London, in August 2015 waiting for the release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350
People queuing along Oxford Street, London, in August 2015 waiting for the release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

West has claimed the company is on track to “hit a billion dollars” and while this might be some bombastic exaggeration, there’s still a lot of love for Yeezy shoes – as you can see in the long lines outside stores whenever there’s a new drop.

Bike shorts

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Yeezy Life

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On its face, the bike short trend is a weird one. It seems almost normal now, but when women started wearing Lycra, camel toe-inducing shorts, we were all a bit confused; aren’t they meant to be for exercising in?

Kardashian West really helped boost the profile of Yeezy’s bike shorts, wearing them constantly and posting snaps on Instagram. Fast fashion sites understandably scrabbled to make dupes as quickly as they could.

Stone and sand everything

West has a very specific colour palette: Muted neutrals, sandy tones, and the odd granite shade. This might seem dull, yet it’s spread like wildfire.

He’s also championed the matchy-matchy look, where you pick one shade and dress head-to-toe in it.

Baggy hoodies

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It was just like 110 in Calabasas 🔥#Yeezy

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Oversized hoodies might not seem like the chicest of outfits, but they’ve become the outfit of choice for everyone from Balenciaga to Ariana Grande.

To give the look a bit more sex appeal, the Yeezy version of the oversized hoodie is most often worn (by Kardashian West and her sisters) with tiny bike shorts, or even nothing at all, underneath.

Who could’ve guessed your go-to hangover outfit would become high fashion?

Shutter shades

OK, these aren’t exactly from West’s Yeezy years, but you can’t deny shutter shades were a dodgy trend we all loved thanks to the rapper.

They made absolutely no sense – after all, you look like a bit of an idiot and you can’t properly see out of them – but in the years following the 2007 release of Stronger, we really couldn’t get enough of them.

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