Get ready to see even more of ‘The Dress’ – it’s getting its own celebration day

20th Aug 19 | Beauty

On Thursday, August 22 people are being encouraged to wear the now famous polka dot Zara dress, and it’s all in the name of charity.


If you thought we’d reached peak ‘The Dress’ – when you couldn’t possibly fit in another sighting of THAT phenomenally popular black and white polka dot Zara dress – think again.

Thursday, August 22 has been declared Wear ‘The Dress’ Day, with people being encouraged to don their dotty frocks and donate £3 to campaign group Free Periods.

The event has been organised by Faye Oakenfull, who set up @Hot4TheSpot on Instagram to document sightings of the viral garment – the page now has more than 22,000 followers.

“It has been amazing to (unexpectedly) watch the account blow up over the past few months, and it only seemed right to seize an opportunity to do some social good whilst the page’s popularity is still at its peak,” says Oakenfull.

“Picking a cause that reflected the same feminist spirit of the incredible community that the dress has created, was important to me — which is why I reached out to Free Periods to ask if we could join in their campaign to end period poverty across the world.”

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I’M SHOOK. @giloscope

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Gemma Abbott, director of Free Periods, says: “We are thrilled to have the support of one of the internet’s loveliest, and funniest, communities. Every donation will help us in the fight for menstrual equity, for young people across the world.”

The group’s mission is to tackle period poverty in the UK and beyond, so no child misses out on their education because of their period.

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It’s been 2 weeks since we heard Philip Hammond’s plan to provide free menstrual products to children in secondary schools. Although we welcome that he has since extended this to colleges, we are yet to hear any further details. . We urge him to extend this pledge to primary schools – we can’t deny access to younger children attending primary school who have already started their period. . We will continue to campaign for free menstrual products in ALL schools and colleges, so every child, regardless of age, can have equal access to education, unhindered by period poverty. . Please support our campaign by contacting your local MP, via email or social media, and help us to raise awareness to ensure no child has to experience period poverty. #freeperiods . . #endperiodpoverty #periodpoverty

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The Printed Dress, which retails for £39.99, is still on sale in stores and on the Zara website (it’s currently only available online in size XS, but there’s no way they’re not going to restock this baby again).

Don’t want to wear one yourself? Oakenfull has come up with a hilarious way for others to get involved on Thursday: Wear ‘The Dress’ Day Bingo.

There are two rounds. The first offers easy spotting options for beginners, with a suggested charity donation for each.

See someone wearing The Dress? Donate £1. Same for a dress worn with Adidas Stan Smith trainers or a black leather jacket. See more than two dresses together or someone wearing it back to front? (Yes, that’s a thing). That’s a £2 donation.

The second round is for seasoned spotters looking for more of a challenge. You’ll have to head to Marks & Spencer to see if you can find a wearer food shopping (apparently M&S is The Dress’ natural habitat) or see if you can spot a man wearing it.

A Wear ‘The Dress’ Day JustGiving page has been set up, so whether you’re wearing The Dress or spotting it on Thursday, head there to donate.

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