We tried the new GHD Oracle curler on short and long hair – here’s what happened

24th Jun 19 | Beauty

The hot new hair gadget has been getting lots of hype, but is it easy to use?


Glossy, beachy waves are the hair holy grail for many of us, but achieving those soft, bouncy curls at home?

If you’re anything like us, it’s virtually impossible. Curling wands are fiddly, take forever to use, and leave you prone to singed finger tips. Not fun.

So when GHD unveiled a U-shaped heated styler that promises to make waves in just one stroke, we were intrigued to say the least – and so were a lot of people, judging by the amount of online hype around the product.

The GHD Oracle is available to buy at Rush salons when you have a demo with a hair stylist – so does that mean it’s tricky to get to grips with?

To find out, we tried the new gadget on long and short hair. Here’s what we thought…

Liz Connor tried the Oracle on her long blonde locks:

“The demo at Rush might sound like a bit of a faff, but it’s really necessary for learning the technique before you try it yourself at home.

“After a good brush, the stylist clipped back the upper section of my hair and spritzed some heat protection spray over the remaining strands, then took a section to curl – no more than an inch wide.

“The size is really important, as if there’s too much hair in the barrel, it won’t curl properly.”

GHD Oracle
The U-shaped Oracle uses heating and cooling plates for create curls (GHD/PA)

“She put the hair inside the tool – just below the root – clamped it and then turned the Oracle to a 90 degree angle.

“Getting the desired curl is all about the angle, and the more you tilt it, the tighter the curl will be. It’s also important to keep the hair taut so it runs evenly through the heat.

“She ran the tool through the hair in the same way you would with a straightener (no twisting necessary) and I was amazed at the springy curl that emerged on the other side.”

“The finished head of curls was shiny, glossy and really healthy looking – much more even and natural than when I’ve tried with a regular tong.

“I’d recommend unboxing the gadget that night so the technique is still fresh in your mind.

“I found the curls were really easy to replicate at home, although the first time you do it, it will take longer.”

Liz Connor before and after using the GHD Oracle
(Liz Connor/PA)

“As you get used to the gadget though, you can speed up and I can now curl my hair in the mornings in around 10 or 15 minutes – and the curls also last all day.

“One thing I would say is that the back of the head is really hard to do on your own, so if you’re off to a special event and want to achieve the same look I had in the salon, get a friend to curl the back section for you.

“Overall, I was really impressed with the Oracle and would definitely recommend it to others. It achieves just as good a look as a professional curly blow dry, so if you’ve got a wedding, prom or party coming up, save yourself the time and invest in one of these instead.”

Liz Connor after using the GHD Oracle
(Liz Connor/PA)

Claire Spreadbury tested the Oracle on her short bob hair style:

“The new GHD Oracle makes waves pretty effortlessly on long hair, but what about those of us with shorter hairstyles?

“I regularly curl my hair with straighteners, but the downsides are that the right side seems to curl in a completely different way to the left, presumably because of how I hold the irons.

“The attraction with the Oracle is that you can get all the curls looking the same, by ensuring the logo is facing outwards when you use it, and the curl should last longer, thanks to the plates heating up to different temperatures.

“When I went for a demo at the salon, I was warned that it’s much more difficult to use on shorter styles, and sure enough, it is.

GHD Oracle

“You need to use small sections of hair, clamp it into the Oracle, turn it to face the ground and then pull the irons through the hair.

“My first attempt was pretty much a disaster. You do need to allow yourself lots of time to use this styler.

“When I gave myself more time (a good half an hour), I was happy with the final result. It give a more professional and neater finish, though it still needs a good scrunch to encourage all the curls.

“It is definitely made for longer hairstyles, but it can work for shorter ones too, you just need to have a few attempts to get used to it, and give yourself plenty of time to create your final look.”

Claire Spreadbury before and after using the GHD Oracle
(Claire Spreadbury/PA)

GHD Oracle, £175, is available to buy at Rush salons. To find your nearest salon visit the GHD website.

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