Video: Take a look at how CBD products can plump your skin and make your hair shine

11th Jun 19 | Beauty

This London salon incorporates the non-psychoactive ingredient into its beauty treatments.


CBD is a buzzword in the beauty industry for a reason. Even though research into its long-term benefits are in the early stages, many beauty aficionados agree that it’s definitely a good ingredient to add to your repertoire.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing CBD (cannabidiol) with marijuana; don’t worry, it’s legal and not pyschoactive. Yes, the two come from the same plant, but no – putting on some CBD face cream won’t get you high.

Major brands like Milk Makeup and Kiehl’s are jumping on the CBD bandwagon and producing their own products containing the ingredient, because of the touted benefits, which range from soothing rosacea and dry skin, to helping clear up acne.

It’s not just your skin which might benefit, but also your hair – which is why salons like Live True London have launched CBD-infused hair masks, alongside similar facials.

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