Kim Kardashian sparks massive Twitter debate after sharing videos of North West wearing lipstick

19th Mar 19 | Beauty

The five-year-old wore black lipstick - and some people aren't happy about it.

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Kim Kardashian was clearly in #proudmama mode on Sunday, sharing multiple videos on Twitter of daughter North West dancing in front of the gospel choir at dad Kanye West’s Sunday Service.

“Her favourite part of the week is dancing during Sunday Service,” Kardashian wrote next to one clip of the five-year-old wearing a black feather-trim dress, boots and sunglasses.

But it wasn’t her daughter’s dance moves or outfit that have garnered the most attention. It was the fact she had lipstick on, sparking debate amongst Twitter users about the appropriateness of a young child wearing make-up.

Some people were in favour of North’s lippie, saying it was ‘cute’ and even ‘iconic’:

But there were plenty of others who weighed in saying that age five is too young to be wearing make-up.

“She’s adorable but why so teenage looking[?]” one Twitter user commented.

Another user responded saying it wasn’t a particularly teenage look. “I didn’t know kids can’t wear lipstick,” they retorted.

While a lot of people referred to their own childhoods, saying that wearing make-up is something most children do at times, whether they’re in the spotlight or not.

Springing to North’s defence, some people argued the critics are just jealous of her fabulous life – and in a few tweets, people admit they are in fact envious of the heir to the Kardashian throne.

On a more serious note, it was pointed out that saying Kim Kardashian is sexualising North by letting her wear lipstick, is arguably hypocritical:

Similarly, a lot of tweets called for everyone to leave Kim – and North – alone.

One user summed up the storm in a tea cup when she wrote: “[People] are mad North West is wearing lipstick to church but are also totally cool with the planet dying off in the next 30 years.”

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