The plant-inspired tattoo trend: Ariana Grande follows Lady Gaga's lead with a torso inking

18th Mar 19 | Beauty

The singer unveiled a design that incorporates a previous tattoo.

Ariana Grande announces world tour

Over the last few weeks Ariana Grande has been busy preparing for her Sweetener world tour, which starts today.

In between rehearsals, run-throughs and wardrobe fittings the singer still found the time to add a tattoo to her growing collection, sharing a photo of an eight leaf ink design on her torso.

“Post run thrus, 3am with @girlknewyork ? Not a cover up just evolvin,” she captioned the picture, tagging tattoo artist Mira Mariah.

It seems the 25-year-old is keen to point out she’s not trying to cover up the ‘always’ tattoo that was reportedly written in ex-fiance Pete Davidson’s handwriting.

Mariah also shared the photo on her Instagram page, writing: “Middle of the night leaves on the queen. I love you thank you this is all! So! Exciting! Happy tour.”

Grande isn’t the only pop star to get a foliage-inspired tattoo recently.

On Valentine’s Day, Lady Gaga revealed a huge rose design complete with thorns and jagged leaves that extends from her lower back up to her neck.

Lady Gaga in the press room at the 91st Academy Awards
Lady Gaga in the press room at the 91st Academy Awards (Alberto Rodriguez/PA)

The Oscar-winning singer explained it was a “tattoo toast” to Edith Piaf’s song La Via en Rose, which she sang in A Star is Born.

“My spinal cord is now a rose,” she posted alongside a photo of the tattoo, which was completed by Los Angeles based artist Winter Stone aka Daniel Winter.

Roses have long been a popular tattoo choice and with more than 2 million tags on Instagram they’re clearly still a firm favourite with ink-lovers, but recently there’s been a growing trend for tattoos that focus on foliage rather than flowers.

Maybe it’s because of the millennial trend for creating glass terrariums filled with desert-dwelling plants and populating their Scandi minimalist homes with big ferns and dark green monstera or ‘swiss cheese’ plants?

Whatever the reason, tattoo artists are now frequently inking succulents, cacti and monstera leaves onto their clients.

While many are delicate designs like Gaga and Grande’s, there are plenty of large creations in full colour.

The hashtag #cactustattoo has more than 57,000 tags on Instagram while #succulenttattoo has just over 6,000.

Even more popular, #treetattoo has more than 160,000 tags, showing everything from tiny black silhouette designs to big trees in rich autumnal colours.

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Feeling inspired by Grande and Gaga and thinking of getting some foliage-inspired ink?

Here are some more beautiful leaf, tree and plant tattoos from Instagram…

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