As Taylor Swift admits to using Sharpie as eyeliner: 9 other beauty mistakes you made as a teen

7th Mar 19 | Beauty

No, you really shouldn't have used hairspray to set your make-up.

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Taylor Swift has admitted to a dark beauty secret from when she was younger: using permenant marker as eyeliner.

The pop star told Elle Magazine: “After my teen years and early twenties of sleeping in my makeup and occasionally using a Sharpie as eyeliner (do not do it), I felt like I needed to start being nicer to my skin.”

Needless to say, this isn’t a great idea. Your eyes are incredibly sensitive and could potentially have a reaction to the ink, especially as one of the main ingredients is alcohol. Not only this, but chances are the marker isn’t cleaned as regularly as your make-up brushes, so could have a lot of bacteria on it – as well as being a nightmare to remove.

This isn’t the only beauty mistake many of us are guilty of from back in the day. Some of the common errors are potentially dangerous – like the Sharpie trick – and others just look downright terrible. Now we’re older and wiser, we use permanent markers just for writing things, but what are some of the other beauty mistakes we’ve left in the past?

1. Using hairspray to set your make-up

In senior school, you would rarely walk into the bathroom without being greeted by a cloud of hairspray as girls used it to ‘set’ their make-up.

Little did we know that the alcohol and irritants in hairspray could make our skin go red and itchy, as well as seriously drying it out. Luckily, we discovered setting spray soon after, so could leave the Elnett for keeping our hair in place.

2. Using foundation on your lips

If you didn’t use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, were you even a teenager in the Nineties or Noughties? No look was complete without slathering foundation all over your lips, because apparently we thought having your whole face the same colour was a good look.

Worst of all, foundation seriously dries out lips, meaning there was a whole lot of cracking and peeling going on.

3. Over-plucking your eyebrows

Christina Aguilera
(Ian West/PA)

We’re not sure why extremely thin eyebrows was ever a thing – they categorically don’t look good on anyone. And yet, so many of us spent our teenage years conscientiously plucking our eyebrows to get them as thin as Christina Aguilera’s.

The unfortunate thing about this trend is eyebrows aren’t that easy to grow back, and there are some out there who are still feeling the effects of their plucking obsession. At least there’s a good range of eyebrow pencils on offer now.

4. Using the wrong foundation shade

Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh
(Myung Jung Kim/PA)

We’re not sure any teenager actually had foundation that matched their face – instead, you’d cake it on so it was a completely different colour to your neck.

These were also the days before contouring so our faces were all one colour, with a distinct line along our jaw which we hadn’t bothered to blend. They really were simpler times.

5. Using far too much Sun-In

Anyone who wasn’t a natural blonde was likely to have had an unfortunate encounter with Sun-In. Not brave enough to take the plunge and actually bleach our hair, we’d generously spray on Sun-In and wait for locks just like Britney Spears.

Unfortunately, the desired blonde look wouldn’t last particularly long as the colour would soon turn orange (or green, if you spent too long in chlorinated water) and the texture would start to feel like hay.

6. Using Tippex as nail polish

During the most boring of lessons there really was nothing else to do but whip out the Tippex and give yourself a manicure. Whether it was French tips or fully painting your nails, this looked good for approximately five minutes. After that, it would crack, flake off and then you’d end up scratching it off entirely and damaging your nails. Not ideal.

7. Using Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm for literally everything

We’ve got to hand it to the Nivea Pearly Shine – it really was multifunctional. Sure, it might only have been designed as a lip balm, but when we were younger we would happily slather it onto our cheeks and eyelids as well. We might have felt cute, but in reality it was just a bit of a sticky, shiny mess. In retrospect, we probably only really liked it because it fitted easily in our blazer pockets.

8. Going ham on eyeshadow

Myleene Klass
(Ian West/PA)

You’d spend basically all of your allowance on multi-tiered eyeshadow palettes with a ridiculous amount of colours on it (none of which, you swiftly realised, actually looked any good). The next step was then pick the brightest blue shade and liberally apply it on your lids, preferably right up to the brow bone. It didn’t match any human’s skin tone, and probably got a bit itchy because of the sheer amount you put on.

8. Hair mascara

Having hair one colour just wasn’t cool in the Noughties – it was all about having streaks if you wanted to be bang on trend. That’s where hair mascara came in – you could apply thin lines of bright blue for a weekend party, and wash it out by the time you had to go to school on Monday.

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