Christmas Day fashion debate: Should you dress up or wear PJs all day?

24th Dec 18 | Fashion

The decision you have to make is easy-wear effortless or going for gold, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

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There’s no question that Christmas is all about glitter, tinsel, fairy lights and the tree dripping with decorations, but dressing for Christmas Day can be a dilemma.

Having splashed out on this season’s must have sequins, some of us will want to sparkle from that first glass of Buck’s Fizz and see in the festive feast dressed to the nines.

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Or you might think, ‘This year I’ll give the glitz a miss,’ especially when it’s the one day of the year when you can pad around in PJs, looking au naturel without feeling guilty.

So which side do you fall on?

In favour of getting glammed up…

Because it’s a special occasion, why not go for all out when more is more? Looking good is all about feeling good and if you really want to chime with Christmas, this is the day to get your rocks on.

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Dressing up doesn’t have to mean silk, satin and feathers. Wearing a kitsch Christmas jumper, dangly mistletoe earrings or nailing the Christmas reindeer hairband look still counts as dressing up. You’ve made the effort.

Let’s face it, velvet trousers are much more comfortable to sit in than a pair of skinny jeans.

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Plus, if the doorbell should go, with a good-natured neighbour dropping off a last-minute gift, at least you won’t be caught out in your dressing gown.

All for donning pyjamas…

Depending on where you work, it could be that you have to dress smartly every day. In which case, we encourage you to let your hair down, wear very little make-up and box up those accessories – relax.

If you’ve never dressed up on Christmas Day before, it makes no sense to break with the habit of a lifetime.

Who says PJs can’t be stylish? With so many designers channelling lounge wear, chilling out in a Bardot style knitted jumpsuit, cable knit joggers or a cute Disney Minnie and Mickey PJ set can be super cosy.

It’s so much easier to graze through all those mince pies, chocolates and decadent desserts without having to worry about an uncomfortable waistline afterwards, too.

You can snooze through the Queen’s Speech without worrying about looking all crumpled when you get up to pour yourself another glass of mulled wine.

If you decide to get some fresh air and go for a postprandial walk, all you have to do is throw on a pair of trainers or wellies, without the trial of having to switch those snazzy heels for a pair of stylish but lacklustre ballet pumps.

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