I tried a £1,000 face cream for a month and this is what happened

8th Oct 18 | Beauty

Hannah Stephenson put one very expensive moisturiser to the test.


You could fly to the Maldives, treat yourself to a Prada handbag or invest in several pairs of sky-high Jimmy Choos for around the same money it’s going to cost you to buy a 45ml bottle of JK7 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care, which retails at £990.

So it was with high hopes that I embarked on a journey which I hoped would lead to more youthful looks and brighter skin thanks to this wonder potion, part of the JK7 Luxurious Natural Skincare range, which claims to be the first 100% natural, organic and high performing skincare.

JK7 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care

The range is created by German-born Dr Jurgen Klein, founder and former owner of Jurlique, producer of bio-dynamic/organic beauty products known as the ‘purest skin care on Earth’.

Dr Klein was introduced to forest herbs by his grandfather and subsequently became a biochemist, chemist, alchemist, naturopath and all-round skin care expert. His products are made with essential oils, some of which, including rose and jasmine, can cost big bucks in their purest form.

The concoctions are based on natural, animal-free ingredients and no animal testing is carried out in the making of the products, providing a guilt-free feeling to anyone who buys the range.

The cream itself, which is made in Hawaii, contains a combination of vanilla, rose, Australian and Hawaiian sandalwood and orange essential oils, as well as shea butter, natural vitamin E and the brand’s signature extracts from pomegranate, mushrooms, algaes and a plethora of other natural ingredients.

Presented in a soft pink-coloured box, the bottle comes with an easy-to use silver pump action dispenser which releases the smooth buttermilk-coloured cream. It has quite a strong scent of fresh citrussy notes coupled with a vanilla sweetness, although I couldn’t sniff out any rose perfume.

JK7 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care
(Hannah Stephenson/PA)

I needed several pumps to sufficiently cover my face, neck and décolleté, so a 45ml pot is not going to last much more than two months. But those who can afford £1,000 a pot can surely afford another.

The cream is beautifully light to the touch and blends easily into the skin, plumping it up and giving a long-lasting moisture hit throughout the day. When I touched my face several hours after applying it, I could still feel a softness that I haven’t experienced with many other face products I’ve tried.

Applying it again at night after cleansing, the scent alone is a trigger for relaxation and rest, while I woke up to skin that didn’t feel tired or dehydrated.

As I am of a certain age and JK7 claims its cream reduces wrinkle depth and provides a powerful anti-ageing effect, I was particularly interested in how it was going to fare on my more mature skin.

And while sadly I didn’t see my wrinkles diminish, my general complexion felt and looked brighter and healthier than it had for a while, and definitely helped hydration over time, while my foundation seemed easier to apply.

Hannah before (left) and after using JK7 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care
Hannah before (left) and after using the luxury cream (Hannah Stephenson/PA)

The bottle’s a great handbag size, so perfect if you want to pep up your skin on the go, but remember to put the plastic cover on the pump after use, as the one time I didn’t do it the cream which remained on the edge of the dispenser went a big claggy, waste that I could little afford.

Would I spend nearly £1,000 on a face cream? Only if I could be guaranteed it got rid of my wrinkles and took 10 years off my face – and I don’t believe there’s a cream on earth that can do that.

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