Why everyone loves that Britney Spears is releasing a gender neutral perfume

17th Jul 18 | Beauty

It's called My Prerogative - after the Bobby Brown song the popstar famously covered in 2004.

Piece Of Me tour - Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the queen of celebrity fragrances – who among us didn’t either own the iconic pink bottle of Fantasy, or at least wish we had back in the Noughties?

Now, Spears is proving this isn’t the only thing she rules at, and is our newly crowned queen of gender equality.

Sure, this might be overexaggerating ever so slightly, but people are still going wild at the announcement of her new gender neutral perfume.

The world of fragrances remains very gender binary. Advertising hasn’t really moved with the times – women’s perfumes tend to be promoted by attractive, scantily clad models with a focus on ‘female’ sensuality, and men’s colognes often come with more of an emphasis on rough, raw, ‘male’ sexuality.

Within the world of fashion and beauty, things do seem to be changing to fit with modern society’s more fluid perceptions of gender. High fashion brands like Burberry have shunned traditionally separate menswear and womenswear catwalk shows in favour of one inclusive show.

While in 2016, cosmetics brand CoverGirl revealed model and make-up artist James Charles as its first male ambassador, and in 2017 Maybelline followed suit with YouTuber Manny Gutierrez fronting a campaign.

I am so beyond excited and overwhelmed and happy and astonished and of course, SHOOK, to announce that I am the newest face of @covergirl. First ever male ambassador for the brand and I am so honored and excited to be working with such an iconic brand. I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as an artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard. I can't wait to share with you all what we have in store, but trust me when I say it's gonna be real good. 😊💕 make sure you check out @covergirl's page for more info coming soon, and my new bff @katyperry as well for a cute pic! 😉 Thank you all so much. This would not be possible without all of you.

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Even though progress is being seen, perfume brands still seem a little slower to catch up. Perhaps that’s why people are so excited by Spears’ announcement, which many see as the popstar challenging gender norms.

Considering Spears has released approximately a million different perfumes for women, many men are grateful there’s finally one for them too.

Even though it is definitely a positive step in terms of how we see gender and for encouraging inclusivity, Spears isn’t completely turning the fragrance industry on its head just yet. In the promotional clips for the perfume, there are still the obligatory shots of Spears and a male model wearing few clothes and showing off their incredibly toned bodies.

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Who knows, maybe Spears’ next perfume will introduce a bit more body diversity too?

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