This £2 accessory is the biggest hair trend of the summer according to Pinterest

11th Jul 18 | Beauty

The humble hair tie has seen a massive spike in popularity, Katie Wright reports.

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Forget space buns, milkmaid braids and pink dye jobs – summer’s hottest hair trend is a lot more simple, if Pinterest stats are anything to go by.

According to the photo sharing site, saves for ‘spiral hair tie‘ have risen by a massive 2,198% globally in the last year, as more and more women discover how amazing these plastic bobbles are.

By comparison, the fastest-growing hair trend on Pinterest UK, ‘snap clips’, has only risen by 250%, followed by ‘headband’ (170%), with ‘hair bow’ and ‘hair bandana’ each notching up a 120% increase year-on-year.

While there are plenty of imitators, the Invisibobble is the original creator and the springy tie is now available in a variety of colours and finishes, starting from around £4.99 for a pack of three.

Why are these telephone cord-style ties, which have been around for a few years, suddenly so popular?

The main benefit of the Invisibobble is that it’s more gentle than a regular hair tie, so you don’t end up with a ponytail headache, and the spiral design means it doesn’t leave that annoying dent in your hair when you take it out.

If you choose a see-through style or shade that matches your hair colour, then it really will be an invisible bobble.

According to Invisibobble, bacteria can’t penetrate the plastic material and it’s easy to clean, making it more hygienic that a regular fabric hair elastic and longer lasting – if you find yours looking a bit tired, leave it in the sun for a while and the heat will restore the springiness.

Plus, fans think a twisty shiny band makes a more stylish wrist accessory than a stretchy cotton band that’s inevitably got those pesky strands of hair wrapped round it that you can’t get off for love nor money.

And now it’s summer and we’ve been blessed with several weeks of very warm weather, throwing your hair into a ponytail is more appealing than ever.

Just ask Love Island’s Laura, who is often seen with her hair up and a spare spiral tie on her wrist.

Laura right now: Must. Not. Laugh! #LoveIsland

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It even caught the attention of narrator Iain Stirling, who had the audacity to refer to it as a ‘cheap plastic scrunchie’, much to the dismay of some Invisibobble fans on Twitter.

We reckon if he had long hair and there was a heatwave on, Stirling would be eating his words…

Want to try the trend yourself? Head over to ASOS or Boots where you’ll find a selection of spiral hair ties.

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