Tans, teeth and tousled hair: How to get the Love Island beauty look

7th Jun 18 | Beauty

Experts reveal how you too can look like a glowing goddess this summer.

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Love Island is back and, as usual, the villa is populated with a bevy of extremely attractive girls who, despite being in the house for just a few days, already have the kind of tans you get after spending three weeks in Mykonos.

As if the perfectly bronzed limbs weren’t already a dead give away, the sight of Dani blow-drying her eyelashes in front of a mirror on last night’s episode confirmed that the Love Island aesthetic is not the ‘I woke up like this’ kind.


Is this a thing… or just a Dani thing? 🤔 #LoveIsland

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Far from it. It’s going to take some serious effort if you want to achieve this, ahem, effortless look – but help is at hand.

We’ve got four health and beauty experts to reveal the tips and techniques you need to transform yourself into a sun-kissed reality star glamazon.

From hair and make-up to tans and teeth, here’s how to get the Love Island look…


Long, flowing waves are the Love Island ladies’ favourite – this year Hayley and Laura’s blonde beachy waves are really on point.

Celebrity stylist and Viviscal brand ambassador Neil Moodie tells us how it’s done…

“You don’t need to twist your hair in the same direction for each section of the hair, as you want this to look naturally wavy and not too uniform. Start by washing your hair with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner (£9.99 each, Holland & Barrett), to leave it looking thicker and fuller. Rough dry your hair with your fingers and a hairdryer, and apply some salt spray. Once dry, take random sections of hair and wrap around a curling tong, holding for three to five seconds to curl.”


“I would say to not over-apply is the key for wearing make-up in hot or humid weather conditions, as your make-up won’t feel comfortable or sit on the skin well,” says Collection and celebrity make-up artist Francesca Neill. “Stay away from oily products and use lighter bases, such as a tinted moisturiser and a bit of concealer, on areas that you need the coverage.

“A cream highlighter – such as the Collection Speedy Highlighter (£3.99, Boots) – is brilliant in humid weather conditions, because you can pat it onto the skin and it doesn’t come off because it’s cream-based, and works well to add a healthy glow. I would also recommend a tinted lip balm, which is a great way to add a bit of colour.”


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Dani may prefer the blow-dry method, but if you’re going somewhere sunny for a long holiday – or if you should happen to end up in the villa next year – you might want to consider eyelash extensions like the LVL Enhance Treatment, says  Bridgette Softley, co-founder and head trainer at Nouveau Lashes.

“LVL Enhance is ideal if you can’t wear mascara, and particularly fabulous for girls on holiday who usually wear waterproof mascara, which can dry out the natural lashes and potentially damage natural lash health. The LVL treatment lasts for up to six-eight weeks, with no maintenance needed.”


It’s actually one of the boys, Jack, who has the most impressively white teeth this year. We suspect he might have had them professionally whitened, but you don’t have to use chemicals to improve your smile, says Holland & Barrett nutritionist Emily Rollason.

“Coconut oil has been traditionally used for its teeth whitening and anti-bacterial effects. It’s been used as part of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of ‘oil pulling’, where oil is held and swilled around the mouth.

“There are many thoughts on how this benefits oral hygiene. One is that bacteria are covered with a lipid membrane when they come into contact with coconut oil and naturally adhere to each other. Swilling the oil around the mouth for five to 15 minutes allows for maximal exposure, and spitting the product away then removes the bacteria.”


This year’s islanders are following the recent trend for bold brows, Francesca Neill says.

“Fuller brows are going nowhere!” she explains. “Brows have made a comeback in recent years and they are definitely here to stay – they’re so important in how they frame the face, and also soften the complexion. I think brows have taken a step back, however, from the structured look, so now it’s all about natural, brushed-up, almost boyish brow style.”

Try Collection Fast Brow (£4.99, Boots) to shape and style your brows in a jiffy.


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