9 times the reality of online shopping didn't quite live up to expectations

10th Apr 18 | Beauty

There's nothing worse than a new piece of clothing looking absolutely nothing like the picture.

Joyful woman enjoying online shopping in bed

Online shopping is one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. You can order yourself a whole new wardrobe with just a click of a button, and without having to leave your house.

However, that’s not to say it’s a completely flawless process. Who amongst us hasn’t been unpleasantly surprised unwrapping a new order, to find it looks absolutely nothing like expected?

This is what Twitter user Becky_Latham27 found when she ordered a new coat from Urban Outfitters, which didn’t quite fit as she’d imagined…

And she’s not alone. Here are 8 other instances where people’s hopes for their online shop haven’t quite lived up to the reality:

1. When the size isn’t quite what you imagined

2. When the dress unexpectedly has circular boob patches

3. When the trousers don’t look like they were made for a human body

4. When the prom dress really doesn’t look like the picture

5. When you quite evidently ordered knock-offs and not the real thing

6. When there’s a dodgy typo

7. When you learn the hard way not to order your prom dress online

8. When something looks a whole lot cuter in the picture

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