Irish mum warning about cheap earrings after HORROR incident with her daughter

19th Feb 18 | Beauty

This sounds awful

An Irish mother has spoken of her horror as her three year old daughter almost lost her ear lobe after having a severe reaction to a pair of earrings.

Ciara Moloney from Armagh, told the Irish Sun that three year old Amelia was left screaming in pain after wearing the €3 ladybird earrings that were bought on eBay.

Ciara said that blood started to flow out of little Amelia’s right ear when she tried to take the earring out and she “thought her ear was coming off”.



Amelia had slept with the earrings in for three nights.

28 year old Ciara told the Irish Sun: “They were given to us as a gift because she loves ladybirds. She had them in for three days and I was getting her ready for pre-school and when I went to take it out there was a ball of something in my finger.”

“I thought her ear was coming off – it was so scary.”

“There was blood pouring from her ear – it was dripping all over her school uniform. She was screaming and saying ‘it hurts’. When I took it out the ear swelled up. It was terrible.”

Ciara brought Amelia to the doctor who advised her to go straight to the hospital where nurses advised her that she may have to have plastic surgery if it does not fully heal by itself.

Ciara claims the earrings were advertised as ‘gold-plated’ but the seller claims otherwise.

Although the seller was “sorry about the girl’s ears” she also insisted that she never had a problem before and stated that the earrings are costume jewellery.

The seller told the Sun: “Would you let your child wear costume jewellery for three days? I asked her if she wanted a refund even though this is no fault of mine.”

“I wouldn’t care how much a three year old liked a pair of earrings, they wouldn’t be sleeping in them for a single night never mind three nights.”