PICS: Woman suffers SEVERE allergic reaction after using this home hair dye kit

14th Feb 18 | Beauty

She has shared her story in the hope that it won’t happen to anyone else…

A 20 year old woman is warning people to always perform a patch test after she suffered a severe allergic reaction from a hair dye kit and ended up in A&E.

Lauren Woods, from Sussex in the UK shared her story on Facebook to highlight the importance of carrying out a patch and strand test before using a new product.

Alongside graphic images of her injuries, Lauren explained that she did perform a patch test and when after 24 hours nothing came up, she proceeded to dye her hair on a Thursday evening.

But by Saturday morning she noticed her forehead was pretty swollen and her scalp was burnt.

She went to the hospital but doctors just told her to not wash her hair but things got much worse.

She said: “Hours passed and the swelling had moved to my eyes, again went to the hospital with my boyfriend to be given steroids and allergy tablets and to be told the swelling will go down in the next few hours.”



But Lauren woke up on Sunday morning unable to open her eyes.

“I went to the walk in centre to which she told me I had to go straight to A&E and I’ve been here ever since.”

She also shared a picture of the product she claimed she used, Nice 'n Easy by Clairol.

“Dying my hair is definitely not worth the Amount of pain I’ve been in. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I’ve had to go through these last few days so please can you share and raise awareness that this isn’t just something you see in the papers!”

There are thousands of commments under Lauren's post with many people claiming they also suffered allergic reactions from hair dye.