Irish teenager HOSPITALISED after using FAKE Kylie Lip Kit

13th Feb 18 | Beauty

She ended up in A&E after using the product

An Irish teenager is warning others against using knock off cosmetic products as she ended up in A&E after using a fake version of Kylie’s Lip Kit.

According to Belfast Live, Rachael McLaughlin from Belfast, bought the Lip Kit on a buy and sell Facebook page.

The fake Lip Kit cost Rachael just £3 whereas the authentic set from Kylie Jenner retails at $29.

But instead of landing a bargain, Rachael landed herself in hospital.

She applied the product before a night out with friends, but she began to feel unwell soon after and decided to stay in.

When she woke the next morning her lips and lower face were completely swollen, her throat was closed up and she was finding it difficult to breathe.

Her family rushed her to A&E where doctors administered antibiotic cream and antihistamines.

Rachael told Belfast Live: "It was the scariest experience ever. I lost all feeling round the bottom of my face and my lips continued to grow bigger from when I first saw them.”

"It's not an experience I would ever wish on anyone. The reason I went to the hospital was because I couldn't breathe.My blood pressure was very high as well.”

“They (her lips) are still cut and still extremely sore but nowhere near as bad as they were."

The Facebook page where Rachael bought the product has now mysteriously disappeared.

Rachael and her older sister Bronagh are warning people with fake versions of the product to throw them out immediately.

A warning was issued to consumers in the run up to Christmas about fake cosmetics such as this Lip Kit after highly toxic substances, such as arsenic and lead,  were detected in the products.

A spokesperson for the Belfast Trust said: "Whilst we cannot comment on individual cases we urge everyone to be vigilant in using fake lip kits as some of the contents may lead to a reaction of varying severity."