Cheap and cheerful or super luxe: Which eye cream delivers better results?

27th Dec 17 | Beauty

Varying drastically in price, two leading eye creams are put to the test.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Some people claim it’s all in the hands, but when it comes to the first signs of ageing, I reckon the eyes have it every time. I’m almost hitting 40 and the crow’s feet around my peepers are really starting to show.

Determined to turn back the clock – even by a few minutes – I road tested a couple of new eye creams on the market – both at opposite ends of the price spectrum. Here’s my verdict after five weeks of use…

What: The MAX stem cell eye crème, IMAGE Skincare

IMAGE Skincare the MAX stem cell eye crème (IMAGE/PA)(IMAGE/PA)

How much: €70-75 for 15ml
They say: Improves firmness under eyes, reduces crow’s feet and gives a tightening effect – all with the help of plant-derived stem cells.
My verdict: Right from the moment I applied this hydrating cream, it sank straight into my skin; so if nothing else, it was a refreshing relief for tired eyes. But after a week I did notice a difference: The lines around my eyes were softer and my purple bags were definitely on their way out. Two more weeks, and the initially impressive effects had plateaued – although the cream did work hard to keep up its good work.

What: Instant Firming Eye Serum, Utopia Skincare

 Utopia Instant Firming Eye Serum (Utopia/PA)(Utopia/PA)

How much: €30 for 15ml
They say: Regular use of this serum for two weeks has the same impact as a collagen injection. Borrowing the most effective technology from other leading brands, it claims to be effective within 24 hours, and was created by the man behind Boots’ “fly-off-the-shelves” No7 Protect And Perfect Serum.
My verdict: After the first few applications, the serum sat on the surface of my skin and took a while to really seep in.  Another 24 hours and I couldn’t see much difference; it was only a few days later that I really started to see any results.  My eyes looked perkier and my expression lines weren’t quite so prominent.

So which one is better?
After five weeks of daily use, the pricier IMAGE product did deliver better results – but only just. Given the large difference in price, Utopia put on an impressive performance, so for that reason, I’d crown it a winner.

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