This man wore make-up in public for the first time and Reddit's reaction was wonderful

8th Dec 17 | Beauty

Reddit users were incredibly encouraging when he shared photos of his first attempts with make-up.


In the last few years male beauty vloggers like James Charles and Manny Gutierrez have become phenomenally popular on YouTube, gaining millions of video views and subscribers.

But back in the real world, men wearing make-up is still far from the norm.

So when Reddit user Terry Gardener decided to wear make-up in public for the first time, he turned to the website’s MakeUpAddictionUK page to ask for other users’ opinions on his first attempt.

1st and 2nd attempt at full face makeup

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“What is your opinion of men wearing make-up?” he asked, saying he’s been interested in make-up for decades, but only recently decided to be more open about it.

“I did a full face of make-up today myself for the first time and went to the town wearing it to do some shopping,” Terry wrote. “I got a couple of weird looks but that was all, might have been my nails, make-up or both really.”

In response, the beauty buffs of Reddit were unanimously encouraging.

“My opinion is always be who you are!” said Wind_up_bird_. “You should rock whatever look you want. There are always going to be those people who feel the need to comment or express their negative opinions, but if you feel good, then you look good.”

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Kezza596 wrote: “I might do a double take simply because it’s unusual, but if I’m looking at you I’m not meaning to be rude, I’m being jealous of how well you’ve managed to do it, or admiring how good it looks on you.”

“I’m trans, which isn’t the same thing as a man wearing make-up of course, but I say you do what you want to,” Sudojess said. “Whenever I go out (and I rarely go out without make-up these days), I’m convinced everyone is staring at me, and can ‘tell’, but many interactions and a complete lack of harassment or anything has convinced me otherwise.”

In another thread, Terry shared photos of his first two attempts at a full face of make-up – he’s also been posting on his Instagram page – and the compliments came pouring in.

This week's makeup looks.

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“I love your eye make-up in the second photo,” said RJMasterbug. “It looks much softer and the blending is nicely done. The colours you used really make your eyes look super blue.”

“Came here to say the same thing!” replied Amorphousblobber. “Your blending in the second photo is looking great! Also, I noticed you’re using a tackle box for your make-up which I have to say is pretty genius. Cool idea.”

Terry also asked for constructive criticism and fellow Redditers offered him advice such as trying a lip liner or lip gloss, using eyelash curlers and considering where to place his blusher, which he welcomed.

Compliments and helpful hints from a supportive online community – wouldn’t it be amazing if the rest of the internet was as kind and non-judgemental as this?

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