Get the look: How to create a Selena Gomez approved rainbow fringe at home

7th Dec 17 | Beauty

You don't have to go to the salon to get this gorgeously colourful look at home.


Selena Gomez has been rocking some seriously cool hair recently. Usually brunette, the singer last month unveiled grungy blonde locks (complete with an inch of dark roots), then last week posted a picture on Instagram revealing an awesome rainbow-coloured fringe – or ‘bangs’ as Americans say.

i stole from my sister

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The 25-year-old had fans fooled for a minute, but the photo caption: “I stole from my sister,” gave the game away – this wasn’t a dye job at all, it was a kids headband. LOL, right?

Nevertheless, Selena’s fake fringe turned us on to a hair trend that’s been getting a lot of attention on Instagram lately. Under the hashtag #rainbowbangs you’ll find loads of amazing multicoloured fringes, everything from pastels to neon and UV-activated hues.

Applying seven different dyes at once sounds like a job for the professionals though, doesn’t it? But according to Aesthetics Hairdressers in Solihull, it’s totally doable at home. Here’s their step by step guide to creating DIY rainbow bangs.

1. Take a triangular section as wide as your fringe and pre-lighten from root to tip using Redken Flash Lift, £10.39, or leave a root ‘drag’ like Selena’s if desired.

2. Tone with Redken Shades EQ Platinum Ice, £9.92, to kill off any orange or yellow tones. If you had a base that was too warm (i.e. yellow) and you applied a blue colour it would go green, so you need a really clean blonde to start with.

3. Separate the hair into seven sections and directly apply Redken City Beats, £7.99 each, in rainbow order:

Big Apple Red
West Village Sunset
Yellow Cab
Times Square Teal
Broadway Blue
Equal parts Broadway Blue and East Village Violet with a splash of Midtown Magenta to create indigo.
East Village Violet

4. Create the brightest rainbow by applying neat or, for a desaturated version, mix one part colour with one part Redken Chromatics Clear, £7.99, to create pastel tones.

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Follow packet instructions – and you’re done!

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