The 5 stages you go through when they discontinue your favourite beauty product

10th Nov 17 | Beauty

They say that when one door closes another opens. Try telling that to a make-up lover in mourning...

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We’ve all been there. After years of devotion to that one special foundation, fragrance or lipstick, you discover your precious product has been – gasp – discontinued.

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Gone. Forever. Without so much as a hint of a warning. It’s enough to make you want to curl up in foetal position on the floor of Boots and sob your heart out.

According to new research, one’s signature perfume being put out to pasture is the most common cause of mid-shop devastation, for 38% of people, followed by lipstick (37%).

The survey from Fragrance Direct also found that 22% of people think of their gone-but-not-forgotten favourite whenever they use another product from the same brand, with an obsessive 11% reminiscing on a daily basis (we feel your pain, guys).

But before you reach that gentle nostalgia stage, there’s a whole lot of turmoil to endure. From anger to acceptance, these are the five stages you go through when a beloved beauty product is discontinued.

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1. Anger

Firstly, there’s overwhelming anger as you’re stood in the aisle with your go-to product nowhere to be seen. How could your favourite brand do this to you? You’ve been so loyal to them, only for them to repay you like this?

2. Bitterness

Consumed with bitterness, you fruitlessly search online in all the usual places in a bid to track down your beloved product.

3. Upset

Upset, you frantically tweet the company in question to ask why, WHY have they done this to you? You feel a surge of anger. There was no fair warning, no way to have prepared for this.

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4. Acceptance

You realise that no amount of searching, tweeting or crying is going to get the product back. You need to move on with your life. It’s not you, it’s them.

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5. Moving on

One day, you wake up to see that your favourite beauty vlogger is raving about the biggest new beauty product on the market and suddenly, just like that, you’re over it. You have the closure that you need. Then, before you know it, you’re moving on to bigger and better.

See Fragrance Direct’s Discontinued Devastation infographic here.

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