Whether you're tall or small, a pear or plus-size - these coats will perfectly suit your body type

21st Oct 17 | Beauty

Coat season is here, so what styles should you look out for?

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Unlike many other items in our wardrobes that last just one season, we tend to wear a coat for a few years. So if you’re buying a new one, chances are you’re searching for a coat that makes you feel fabulous whenever you put it on, and also transcends trends.

For those struggling to find that perfect coat (because everything you try is too long, short, chunky or just plain wrong), taking into account your body-type might help nail this one.

Here are some coat-choosing tips from award-winning personal stylist Chantelle Znideric, based on your height and shape.


“For those that have enviable height, choose a double-breasted coat style with wide lapels that is well-fitted and tailored,” Chantelle says.

“Be bold and embrace colour, patterns and texture – don’t be afraid of breaking up your silhouette.”

Particular styles you might want to try are biker jackets, double-breasted coats with wide lapels, longer fit and flare styles, pea coats and wrap coats with wide collars.



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As any petite girl knows, it’s hard to choose a coat that doesn’t swamp you but is still stylish. Chantelle recommends opting for knee-length or shorter coats.

She says: “Search for neat, fitted and uncomplicated coat styles with a faux fur or embellished collar – things that will add interest without adding bulk to your frame.

“Stick to a plain, solid, deep or bright colour and avoid large and overwhelming patterns.”

Coats to look out for include biker jackets, single-breasted styles and pea coats.

Straight figure

For Chantelle, the devil is in the detail if you’re someone with few curves looking for the perfect coat.

She says: “For those that have a straight shape, it is best to choose a coat style that will give you the illusion of having an hourglass figure.”

How can you achieve this illusion? “Cleverly placed buttons, pockets and a nipped in waist will ensure you exude femininity,” Chantelle says.

If this sounds like you, look out for cape coats, belted coats, coats with peplum or flared bottoms or coats with epaulette details on the shoulders.


Winter doesn’t mean you have to hide your figure, as coats can actually help show off your curves.

Chantelle says: “Seeking a coat that simply mirrors your curves is an easy way to achieve that effortless look. Stick to a well-fitted tailored style, keep lines simple and accentuate your waistline.”

Go for trench coats, wrap coats, shawl collars, and coats with a fitted waist and a full skirt.


Chantelle says: “For those that have a pear body shape, the aim is to choose a coat style to flatter the lower body and draw the eye upwards. Look for coats with interest at the top, a wider v-neckline or notched lapels, and dramatic collar.”

This means that coats with shoulder details can balance out your lower half, and A-line or looser styles can be super flattering and easy to wear.

Try on three-quarter length coats, as well as waist-length military or bomber jackets.

Plus size

Chantelle says: “For curvier shapes, unstructured or semi-structured coat styles will be hugely successful. Fit and quality will only enhance your overall look.

“V-shaped necklines will give you the illusion of a defined waist, and it’s also a great idea to go for styles with strong or enhanced shoulder details. Avoid shinier fabrics and thicker textures, which will add bulk.”

Good options to try include duster coats, wrap coats with wide collars or swing coats with big lapels.

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