We need to talk about Holly Willoughby's killer style right now

4th Oct 17 | Beauty

Her fashion choices have become increasingly edgy.

Daring fashion choices come in unexpected places, and you probably wouldn’t expect to find them on breakfast telly.

We’re not saying that Phillip Schofield has suddenly started dressing in head-to-toe in Alexander Wang. Instead, his co-host on This Morning Holly Willoughby has been upping her style game recently.

Bold minidresses 

If there’s one thing Holly loves, it’s a bold minidress. Whether it’s short-sleeved or long, she’s been opting for daring patterns and shorter hemlines.

🦋Holly Willoughby X Maje 🦋

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Good morning! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @hobbslondon boots by @jonesbootmaker #HWStyle💁✨

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When she’s not getting her pins out, Holly keeps patterns interesting, making sure that her look stays fresh and edgy.

Wednesday already! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @sosandar shoes by @egoofficial #HWStyle💁✨

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Ankle flashing

On one show, she even managed to make leather cropped trousers look classy. Cropped trousers and kick flares are big at the moment – is there a better way to transition from summer to autumn and show off your shoes at the same time?

An then it was Thursday… trousers by @lkbennettlondon top by @jcrew shoes by @gianvitorossi #HWStyle💁✨ #powertrouser

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She’s also partial to flashing a bit of ankle with a skirt. We particularly love this outfit because it shows that blondes really shouldn’t be scared to wear yellow.

Today’s look on @thismorning … skirt by @thisiswhistles top by @boden_clothing shoes by @gianvitorossi #HWStyle💁✨

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And she’s proved herself a fan of floral prints over the years, and here she is upgrading her look with a new accessory – a French bulldog.

Tuesdays look on @thismorning staring @benny_the_frenchie is top to toe @warehouseuk 🙌🏻

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Evening looks 

Stepping away from the morning couch, Holly has also been modelling some eye-catching outfits at night.

Just take a look at the epic floral gown she wore for this year’s Glamour Awards, which she somehow managed to make look both princessy and edgy at the same time. We’re also loving the ice blonde hair.

And to end on an absolute high, this is what Holly wore on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday. It’s an Ashish dress, which means one thing: sequins, and a whole lot of them.


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Here it is in action, just so you can really appreciate the level of sparkles.

🌈✨ Holly Willoughby X Rainbow Bright ✨🌈 #CreditsOnTheBlog link in BIO ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

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If you were interested in splashing out £1,408 to bring a bit of sparkle into your life, this dress is unfortunately sold out. Sorry folks.

Sounds like the ‘Holly Willoughby effect’ if you ask us.

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