[PIC] Joanne Larby shares EMOTIONAL message about hair loss

29th Sep 17 | Beauty

People are praising the Irish blogger for sharing her experience with hair loss

Irish blogger Joanne Larby, who’s also known as The Make Up Fairy took to Snapchat earlier in the week to let her fans know that she has been battling with hair loss for a number of years.

And yesterday Joanne shared an emotional post on Facebook and Instagram thanking people for the way they’ve responded to her admitting her insecurities about her hair.

She wrote: ”This morning I woke up feeling incredibly raw but relieved. I've exposed something I've been trying to hide daily for thirteen years. I had to put on some slap because nobody wants to see anymore of that Kim K crying face.”

“I feel such a mixture of emotions; guilty because I haven't lost all of my hair and so many have, and let's face it there's so many more horrendous things that can happen. Overwhelmed by your thousands of messages of comfort, relatable stories, pictures of women showing me their bald patches or videos taking off their wigs and just sheer kindness. Scared, because the one thing I was scared of people knowing everybody now knows.”



She also revealed she crops her photos to hide her hair loss: “Notice this selfie, like most are taken cropping off the top of my head where my hair is most fine. I'm not prepared to share a picture of my hair without extensions possibly ever because that's just not where I'm at or what I need to do (yes I have a full head here and can't thank @easilockshair enough for giving me the best hair I can achieve over the years) but this is where I'm at.”

“I've decided to own what I deem my biggest superficial flaw. Thank you for making that not so scary and for the fellow influencers who have inspired me to own my hurt and want to help others who share this issue.”

People were quick to praise Joanne for her honesty.