Make-up artist Patrick Starrr and Katy Perry talk beauty as he gives her a glowing makeover

20th Sep 17 | Beauty

The YouTube star has added Perry to his illustrious list of clients.


Patrick Starrr is here to teach you all about make-up and he has an impressively famous model – Katy Perry.

Patrick filmed one of his signature make-up tutorials with singer Katy as part of a four-day livestream to promote her new album, Witness, in which she was filmed by 41 cameras in an LA apartment.

During the livestream, a host of celebrities and YouTube stars joined Katy for different segments, including James Corden, Caitlyn Jenner and Gordon Ramsay.

In the video, Patrick gives the I Kissed A Girl singer a fresh, glowing look, talking through the process for his 2.4m subscribers.

Like any trip to a beauty salon or the hairdressers, it turned into something of a therapy session. Katy opened up to Patrick about how she avoids paid meet and greets, saying: “I really want to connect with people… and that’s really hard to do in two minutes.”  Instead she prefers to surprise fans in different ways.

Patrick seems just as keen as the viewers to find out more about Katy. Through his polite but excitable questioning we find out that if she could only have two beauty products, KP would have a mascara and “a red crimson Kat Lip” – apparently because they both be used for multiple purposes.

Patrick also chatted to Perry about his upbringing, saying he thought no one would want to see a “plus-size Filipino do make-up”.

It turns out he was very wrong; this video alone has more than 1.4m views.

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