Avoid a Hairdressing Catastrophe by Understanding These 5 Hairdressing Terms

4th May 16 | Beauty

Do you ever feel when you are going to the hairdressers a bit confused about all the services you get??

Do you ever feel when you are going to the hairdressers a bit confused about all the services you get??

I find many clients when I first meet them have no clue of their previous visits to the salon, e.g. Tint or Masking?

So I hope in this week’s Article to explain some services and why we use them, so you can have more understanding and control of what service you get or need.



A Tint is a permanent colour which is typically used to cover grey hair. We also use tints to lift the hair a shade or two lighter or for vibrant reds. Do not get a tint all over unless you have lots of grey or are wanting a deep intensive red. Tints on a younger client I wouldn’t recommend as I feel it can cause the client fast re- growth.

I would recommend a tint every 4-6 weeks depending on growth levels.



A Semi is used to give richer shades and tones to brunettes also they are very gentle on the hair. They are a very good option when starting to colour your hair they are very easy to manage very little re growth, fades naturally and you can experiment without committing to permanent change.

Some semis now will cover a small percentage of grey which is awesome!

Semis you need to get done every 8 to 10 weeks



Masking is used when a client has a small percentage of grey hairs around the hairline, it’s usually done every 3/4 weeks to keep on top of the tint especially to tidy the roots over if you have a last minute event and don’t have time for full colour.



A T-Bar of highlights are usually the two sides of the hair line at each ear, and the parting weaved with highlights. This should be a quick fix to use in between full heads of highlights

These look best about 6 weeks to 8 weeks after your full head again just like a re-fresh.


Half Head Highlights

This is quiet self-explanatory this is much more highlights than a parting and goes down to the crown on the head and wider sections in the sides also.

It covers more hair than the T-bar

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