7 Time Saving Tips for People with Thick Hair

21st Mar 16 | Beauty

Hi Girls! In this weeks topic I will be covering how best to manage thick unruly hair. Having very thick hair it can be really difficult to control and it can be a big frustration to you.

It does not have to be, you ladies are so blessed with luscious locks (hear my envy)! With the right tips you will show that hair who’s the boss!

1. Get in to a Hair Routine! Having no structure in your weekly hair routine you are already off to a bad start. We need to have a plan in place around your life, as in gym sessions, work events when you have to look on point and fierce! At the start of the week plan out the days that you will be working out and the days you got to look great for work. Get strategic about your hair washing and styling habits it will make your life so much easier and save you time messing around with your hair. I have a post here in detail on setting up a hair routine


2. Get a great haircut ladies! if you have super thick hair you can get a haircut that will thin out some of the bulk in the hair, with my girls I see at my studio, I like to leave the hair long enough that the weight will keep it down but I will also go in and thin out any unnecessary thickness and bulk. I know the thoughts of someone thinning out your hair is so scary, but if it’s done correctly it is life changing, it can take about 30mins off your drying time. If you are feeling super brave! This is not for everyone, you could get a super cool undercut. This means you shave one side or the underneath section of your hair. This is a great tip if you’re a real gym bunny as the hair underneath gets so sweaty when you work out having it gone solves that problem, again not for everyone.


3. Do NOT cut thick hair really short! I repeat don’t do it! Cutting thick hair super short you would think it will make it handier but I disagree I think it makes it so tough for the client to manage. When you have thick hair leaving the length in will automatically weigh it down and make it easier to handle.


4. Invest in a really strong Hairdryer. Get one that is a professional standard we measure this in Watts so my blow-dryer is a 3500 watt which is super powerful. It will cost up to €100 but it really lasts you a long time and also dries the hair super-fast and really professional, with less frizz and more shine and sleekness.


5. Braids are really big at the moment, as we see Kim Kardashian sporting this latest trend also its been all over the runways in London and Paris. Braids are so perfect for thick hair because you have tons of hair to work with!! Braiding one side or all the hair it can look so well put together and also a time saver. There are tons of braid tutorials online and books on how to braid hair.


6. Donate it! If you are feeling brave and have really beautiful hair and want to help someone else in the world who needs your hair more, you could donate it to charity, in Ireland we have http://rapunzelfoundation.com/ here you can donate the hair to be made in to wigs for people who have lost  their hair due to illness.


7. Usually Thick hair comes with some frizz issues! So fight the frizz with moisture that is what frizzy hair craves. I recommend leave in conditioners and hair nourishing treatments regularly. Using Moroccan oil or Argan oil reduces frizz and drying time by half! 

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