Lazy people rejoice! This gadget will cook your porridge on your commute

6th Dec 17 | Lifestyle

It's the Christmas gift every non-morning person wants to unwrap this year.


We’ve all been there: you wake up on a weekday morning and your thoughts immediately turn to a hearty bowl of porridge, with lashings of sweet and sticky syrup.

The problem is, you’ve left yourself with 10 minutes to get ready and there’s simply no time to slave over a hot stove.

What you really need is a portable porridge maker – a gadget that can put your oats on a gentle simmer in your pocket while you battle through your commute.

Luckily for lazy people, this niche gadget actually exists, and could soon be on sale in the UK.

Dubbed ‘GoBrek’, the mobile porridge maker uses thermal and low-frequency mixing technologies to create the perfect bowl of brekkie while on-the-go.

To use it, you simply fill the integrated cooking chamber with oats and milk and lock the lid to make sure you don’t get any spillages while you’re travelling.

Three words: living the dream (Rowse Honey/PA)

The gadget then syncs to your smartphone GPS using an accompanying app, which asks you to plug in your destination.

Now here’s the clever bit: the smart device times itself to switch on at the perfect moment, meaning you arrive at work with a freshly cooked bowl of porridge that’s ready to dig into.

What a time to be alive (Rowse Honey/PA)

The portable cooker also has handy vials which clip onto the lid which let you store honey and other delicious porridge toppings.

For those who like to be surprised, there’s even an integrated ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ function, whereby the gadget will randomly select a topping to enjoy and infuse your breakfast with.

Is it witchcraft? Is it sorcery? Who knows. What we do know is we want one.

Unfortunately, GoBrek is only at the prototype stage, but the team of creators from Rowse Honey say they are hoping to bring the ‘breakfast of the future’ gadget to supermarkets soon.

Let’s hope for our grumbling stomach’s sake they don’t leave us hanging for too long.

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