Woman SLAMMED online for asking if itís acceptable to announce pregnancy during THIS event

8th Nov 17 | Family

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A pregnant mum of one has caused a massive online debate when she asked if it was acceptable to break the news of her second pregnancy at a friend’s housewarming party.

The expectant mum was met with a mixed reaction from Mumsnet users, with many slamming her for “stealing the limelight” at her friend's party.

Taking to the popular forum to ask other users for their advise, the woman wrote:

“Hi, I am pregnant with my 2nd child and I'm just wondering how to tell good friends.

My friends are having a house warming as they just moved to a beautiful house and lots of our friends will be there but not just our friends, is it suitable to tell them then in person as I will be seeing them?

I wouldn't want to take anything away from their house warming and their beautiful new house though....what would you do?. ...its either then or over the phone before then x.”

Users were quick to share their opinion on the matter: