[POLL] When Do The Seasons Officially Begin And End?

3rd Jan 18 | Entertainment News

Forget about facts! We want to know your feelings on when the seasons change in Ireland. 

Entertainment News

It's that time of the year again... lets call it the START of the year for arguments sake. Thats one thing we can definitley agree on. 

Something that us Irish can't seem to agree on is when the seasons officially start and end!

We can be certain that we are currently in Winter, but when does it end and when does Spring begin? 

Apparently we Irish are in quite a unique position. Due to our Pagan past and more importantly due to what a lot of us were taught in school in the 80's, Spring starts in February. The rest of the world and some other mad Irish people would disagree with that and claim Spring starts in March. 

If you check with Met.ie they'll tell you March also but we're not interested in what the experts have to say!

We are now in an era where 'feelings' are considered more important than 'facts' so we'd like to know... when do you FEEL Spring starts!