Kerry Katona’s new boyfriend James English opens up about their relationship in BIZARRE interview

6th Oct 17 | Entertainment News

This got a little weird…

Entertainment News

Kerry Katona has recently confirmed she has found herself a new man- comedian James English.

And James opened up about their relationship for the first time on a Scottish late night chat show hosted by Ewen Cameron.

According to the Sun, James got very honest about their romance and it was all a bit weird…

When asked what attracted him to Kerry he replied: "For her it was an instant attraction probably but for me it took a while. I'm only kidding. She's a beautiful looking woman.”

"She's more famous than me. I'm living on the back of her. I'm just using her just now to get somewhere.”

"I think she's in her 40s, she's 37 actually and she has got herself a toy boy - can you blame her? She is happy of course. Have you seen the photo of me? It still early days."

When asked what attracted Kerry to him he said: "I'm packing. And Kerry is smiling. It's a good thing we've got - a bit of casual sex. That's all it is.”

"It's a tough question but I think it was both the gags and the abs that attracted Kerry Katona, It's love, yes I'm in love with her."

As he is a comedian, it was obviously he was joking with his responses even if they were a little strange…

The pair confirmed their romance on Instagram last week.