Get the look: Carousel braids are the latest viral Instagram hair trend

30th Nov 17 | Beauty

This style is perfect for party season - and it's easy to do, if you follow our step-by-step guide.


Just when you’d mastered the Kardashians’ favourite workout hairdo, the double French plait, here comes another viral hair trend that the Instagram set are loving – the carousel braid.

Like French plaits, carousel braids have been around for decades, but they’ve been growing in popularity, thanks to the likes of Instagram user Megs_shear_beauty, who posted a shot of this beautiful single braid last month.

Hair stylist Libby Clark aka Braidsnfashion, who has nearly 50,000 followers on the platform, shared this gorgeous double carousel do, which shows off her peachy-pink locks to perfection.

So do you have to be a hair expert to create this intricate style? Not at all, but you will need to know how to do a French braid, according to Amy Sontae, GHD global educator, who says: “These delicate, feminine braids are becoming super-popular at the moment and I’m sure that by festival season next year, everyone will be wearing them.”

It’s versatile, too, so you could start with a high or low ponytail and try single or double variations. Below, Amy explains how to create a trendy carousel.

How to create a carousel braid, by Amy Sontae, GHD Global Educator

1. Start by smoothing hair and removing any frizz by running the GHD Platinum Nocturne Styler, £175, through hair from root to tip. This will add shine to the hair and give a polished finish, perfectly prepping the hair before styling.

2. Then spray GHD Root Lift Spray, £12.95, throughout the hair. This will add some texture and help the braids to hold in the hair.

3. Use a tail comb to create a parting down the centre of your head, all the way from the hairline to the back of your neck.

4. Clip one side out the way so that you can start the braid. Starting in the middle at the back of your head, pick up three pieces of hair and start to do a French braid by crossing sections of hair over each other and working forward, only picking up hair from the top side and leaving the hair underneath free.

5. Continue this technique towards your face until you meet the front hairline, then continue forward as a normal braid for five inches.

6. Next, pick up the loose hair that has been left out and pass the braid backward and underneath the section, then drop the loose hair down – similar to how you would create a waterfall braid.

7. Starting about three inches down the loose hair section, start picking up into the braid from the top and leave half of the section loose at the bottom.

8. Continue this until you are in alignment with the end of the section above, then repeat from step five.

9. Continue in this way until you run out of hair, secure the end with an elastic and finish with a spritz of GHD Final Fix Hairspray, £3.95 for 75ml, to secure the look into place.

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