Can you spot the difference between real and faux fur? Here are the 3 ways to tell

14th Nov 17 | Fashion

Made in Chelsea's Lucy and Tiffany Watson explain the three signs you need to look for.


Winter coat weather is here at last, which is totally depressing – until you wrap yourself up in a faux fur coat, that is, and feel not only deliciously cosy but fabulously fashionable too.

But would you still have that warm, fuzzy feeling if you knew you were wearing real fur?

In recent years, some high-street retailers have been allegedly found by Humane Society International (HSI) UK to be selling real fur that was wrongly labelled as fake, so knowing how to tell the difference between the two is important for animal lovers.

As part of its #FurFreeBritain campaign, HSI UK has partnered with Made In Chelsea stars Lucy and Tiffany Watson on a video.

“Many people I’ve worked with wear real fur, knowingly or unknowingly, so it’s an issue I feel particularly strongly about,” Lucy says. “There really is no excuse for wearing cruel fur anymore, and I hope this video helps people make more informed and ethical decisions about what they’re buying.”

The vegan sisters talk through three tests you can use to determine whether the fur on a piece of clothing is real or not.

1. The Tips Test

Looks at the tips of the strands. Real fur tapers to a thinner point at the end (unless sheared). Faux fur tips are blunt where the material has been cut in manufacturing.

(HSI UK/YouTube/PA)

2. The Roots Test

Push back the fur and look at the roots. Faux fur is attached to woven fabric, whereas the base of real fur is an animal’s skin (leather).

(HSI UK/YouTube/PA)

3. The Burn Test

This is only to be conducted on an owned item – not in store! Cut and burn a few hairs. Real animal fur singes and smells like burnt human hair. Faux fur melts into a little ball and smells like burnt plastic.

(HSI UK/YouTube/PA)

Watch the full video below for examples of real and fake fur and download a wallet-sized guide from HSI UK to take with you when you’re shopping.

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