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Preschool fun, fantasy and education. Teletubbies look through a telescope at the moon. Po goes round and round the Tubby Custard machine, the beds, the Noo-Noo and the table  

Sunday, 31st Mar 7.00am


Dipsy leaves his hat behind, but when he comes to find it, the Noo-Noo has tidied up. Rosie's hair is styled. 24mins

Saturday, 20th Apr 5.30am

Animal Rhythms

Dipsy and Laa-Laa discover a funny noise and then join the others to watch some children pretend to be animals 24mins

Friday, 19th Apr 6.00am


Preschool fun, fantasy and education 24mins

Thursday, 18th Apr 6.05am


A voice trumpet makes quacking sounds, which Dipsy finds very amusing. The Teletubbies watch children feeding some ducks 24mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 6.00am

Going Up And Going Down

Preschool comedy combining fun, fantasy and education. The Teletubbies watch two children making music with a saucepan   24mins

Tuesday, 16th Apr 6.00am