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Preschool comedy combining fun, fantasy and education. The Teletubbies watch a little boy pretend to fly to the moon.

Thursday, 14th Mar 6.00am


Preschool fun, fantasy and education   23mins

Wednesday, 20th Mar 6.00am

Clay Reuben Sculpting

Preschool fun, fantasy and education   24mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 6.00am

Handshapes Turkey

Tinky Winky joins the others to watch a little girl paint a turkey using her hand as a template 24mins

Monday, 18th Mar 6.00am

Cuddles Poor Paw

The Teletubbies watch Brian Cant read a story to some children. In Teletubbyland, somebody spilled the Tubby Custard   24mins

Sunday, 17th Mar 6.00am

Shrimps In The Sand

Preschool fun, fantasy and education. 24mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 6.00am