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Preschool fun, fantasy and education

Thursday, 31st Jan 6.00am

Stretching Words

Po falls off the slide and then runs to watch some children stretching words with Stickman. The voice trumpet tells Laa Laa a funny joke 24mins

Thursday, 14th Feb 6.00am

Paddling by the Sea

The Teletubbies watch a group of children playing in the sea. Then the windmill announces that three ships are sailing through Teletubbyland 23mins

Wednesday, 13th Feb 6.00am

Up The Hill

Preschool fun, fantasy and education 24mins

Tuesday, 12th Feb 6.00am


Po sees a bluebell appear in the grass. Tinky Winky and Dipsy come to look at the bluebells. One by one the bluebells disappear. 23mins

Monday, 11th Feb 6.00am

Silvie's Fish Pond

Two girls make a picture of a fish pond with gold paper. Dipsy follows a rain cloud and then his hat falls in a puddle   23mins

Sunday, 10th Feb 6.00am