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Sleep Over


Preschool fun, fantasy and education. The Teletubbies take their favourite things to bed with them. Laa-Laa, however, struggles to fit herself and her ball into bed

Tuesday, 21st May 6.00am

Barrel Organ

Preschool fun, fantasy and education. The Teletubbies watch some children who have a barrel organ. A man turns the handle and the children dance 24mins

Monday, 20th May 6.00am

On Top & Underneath

Preschool fun, fantasy and education 24mins

Sunday, 19th May 6.00am


Preschool fun and education. Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and comes to Teletubbyland to find them. Meanwhile, the Teletubbies watch a girl with lots of... 24mins

Saturday, 18th May 5.30am


While the Teletubbies are sleeping, Tinky Winky sings a loud song and wakes them up. 24mins

Friday, 17th May 6.00am


Preschool comedy combining fun, fantasy and education. 24mins

Thursday, 16th May 6.00am