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70% Complete

Total Drama Action


The 12 remaining contestants split into two teams for the next challenge. It's the Screaming Gaffers versus the Killer Grips, competing to put together a film set

Monday, 15th Jul 8.30am

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Prequel animated series taking place before giant food started raining down on Swallow Falls, featuring the adventures of... 21mins

Monday, 15th Jul 8.00am

Tiny Planets

Animation about Bing and Bong, two small furry aliens who jet across the universe on their fluffy white sofa, attached to their home planet by a very long... 23mins

Monday, 15th Jul 7.00am

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

The animated adventures of everyone's favourite bear from darkest Peru 22mins

Monday, 15th Jul 6.30am


Preschool fun, fantasy and education. Teletubbies look through a telescope at the moon. Po goes round and round the Tubby Custard machine, the beds, the... 24mins

Monday, 15th Jul 6.00am

Total Drama Action

Chris announces the contestants' next challenge - finding alien eggs and bringing them back without being hit by paintballs from the mother alien 22mins

Sunday, 14th Jul 8.30am