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Tori Towey Latest

Ireland AM

Tori Towey, a 28-year-old Irish woman who was being held in Dubai on criminal charges

Thursday, 11th Jul 7.35am


Lady Barbalade

It's Lady Barbalade. And there's a very special reason as to why they are joining us today...its Barbershop music appreciation day! 9mins

Saturday, 13th Jul 11.45am

Sustainable Fashion

This morning we're focusing our attention on sustainable ways to dress for any big event you've coming up this Summer. Stylist Rosalind Lipsett joins us. 8mins

Saturday, 13th Jul 11.35am

PJ Dillon

Over the years, Irish cinematographer PJ Dillon has worked away on major series like 'Game of Thrones', 'Vikings' and Marvel's 'Falcon and The Winter... 12mins

Saturday, 13th Jul 11.15am

Cerviche Tostadas

It's time now for some breakfast tostadas in the kitchen with Carlos Meyer from Nutbutter 8mins

Saturday, 13th Jul 10.50am

Trans Pride

Joining us now to discuss are march leaders Jenny Maguire and Ollie Bell. 11mins

Saturday, 13th Jul 10.15am