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Colin Judge

Ireland AM

We are joined by para table tennis champ Colin Judge and his coach Sam Logue - who're about to teach us a thing or two today

Saturday, 8th Jun 10.45am


Curry Laksa Noodles

Chef: Eva Pau 7mins

Friday, 14th Jun 9.50am

Mens Mental Health Week

Gerry Farrell and John Farren join the team to speak about Mens Mental Health Week. 9mins

Friday, 14th Jun 9.35am

Belters Only

DJ Duo Belters Only join us this morning to talk about their music 10mins

Friday, 14th Jun 9.35am

Joanna Bobin

Bridgerton's Lady Cowper joins us on the show to talk about Bridgerton her and journey 11mins

Friday, 14th Jun 9.20am

Gardening Micro Ponds

Niall McCauley shows us the benefits of Micro Ponds for those with small spaces 10mins

Friday, 14th Jun 8.20am