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What To Watch

Ireland AM

Telly maestro Killian O'Sullivan joins us to discus all things Television.

Sunday, 24th Mar 11.50am


Trench Coats

Stylist Lorna Weightman is with us this morning to talk us through the trendy trench coat 9mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 9.35am

Gray O'Brien

After a record-breaking run on the West End, 12 Angry Men has come to Dublin and one of its stars is Gray O'Brien 10mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 9.15am

Dog Hub

Deric is joined by Linda Martin as he checks out one of the newest dog shelters to open in Ireland 8mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 8.50am

Raspberry and Almond Cake

Tara Walker is here to make us a raspberry and almond cake 7mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 8.35am

Narcissistic Parents

Psychotherapists Katie McKenna and Helen Vill-urs have written a book on that very topic and join us now to share more 10mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 8.20am